Left-Wing Ambulance-Chasing Attorney Gloria Allred Leads the Lynching

by John R Guardiano on November 8, 2011

Gloria Allred is at the tip of the left-wing spear -- and smear -- against Herman Cain.


I’ve been out of pocket all day attending to the demands of life and work. So yeah, I missed the Left’s latest high-tech lynching. I missed the latest accusations against Herman Cain.

But my good friend, Robert Stacy McCain, diligent as always, has the story: A woman has come forward (with the aid and assistance of left-wing attack attorney Gloria Allred) to accuse Cain of having committed sexual harassment against her 14 years ago, back in 1997.

Cain allegedly fondled her leg and tried to kiss her while they were alone in a car, [the accuser] says. When she said stop, he did. And so your headline is:

Disgruntled Former Employee Says

Herman Cain Made a Pass at Her

 Why wait 14 years? Oh. That’s right: The accused is leading the GOP field for president.

So if you make a pass at a woman, and are rejected, you can kiss good-bye whatever plans you had for becoming president — as a Republican.

In short, these accusations are as frivolous as they are ludicrous. And anyone who takes them seriously ought to have his head examined. You simply don’t indict a man – in either the court of public opinion or a court of law — upon the basis of dated and incredible charges for which there is absolutely no evidence.

Indeed, as Michelle Malkin points out:

Bialek is single with a teenage child, with no discernible means of income, and employing a top Democrat hit woman celebrity attorney, [Gloria Allred], and her employment law partner.

What’s really at issue, as Stacy keenly observes, is this:

Will conservatives passively accept the power of the media (and Gloria Allred) to choose the GOP’s presidential candidate? Will there be no pushback from conservatives against this?

[Might] Cain’s supporters react by saying, “To hell with this! We don’t give a damn what happened in 1997! We’re tired of these kinds of sleazy games and we’re sticking with Herman Cain!”

I actually was never a “Cain supporter” per se, but I am now. It’s not that I had anything against Cain, because I didn’t (although his lack of foreign policy interest and awareness has concerned me). He just wasn’t my first choice for president.

But I’ve come to greatly admire Cain over the course of this campaign. His humanity, decency, authenticity and conservatism are extraordinarily charming and compelling. And I simply cannot abide the unconscionable smearing of a good man.

I doubt that I’m alone.

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